In September we will host a red carpet event in which the kids, their family and friends can come together to see their movies. In total there will be five short films, which the kids will not only have acted in but produced themselves. They will be able to revel not only in what they made, but what their peers will have made. It will be a grand event complete with photo opportunities, a red carpet, limousine, and of course, popcorn. Movie posters and DVDs of each of movie, t-shirts, and wristbands will be available at this event as well.

The Film Festival Schedule:
Open Doors 6-7pm
Limousine Rides every 10 minutes till 7pm
Booths in the entrance area with paparazzi taking pictures and updating the photos on the website for FREE download instantly, free popcorn, guest stars and media personalities, and amazing venders!
Film Festival Products available - Movie Marqui Posters, Movie DVDs, wristbands and more...

1st Annual EMA Film Festival 2014 

2nd Annual EMA Film Festival 2015