Directing * Editing * Camera Operating * Acting * Stunt Choreography * Film Music
Composition * Music Video Production all centered on a Christian Worldview!
Short Film or Feature Film Production * Technical Training * Personal Discipleship and Christian Leadership* Team Building and Self-Development
Join our FILM and MUSIC CAMP!


An exciting Summer Camp and After School Semester Program

The Curriculum

The youth will produce a Short Film in anticipation of the annual EMA Film Festival, Design their DVD & Marquis Poster and producing their movie. Our Music Program will be producing music for the film program soundtrack and producing a mixed CD compilation. They will learn skills in Team Building, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development/Discipleship. All this while exercising a creative process using today's latest technology and professional production equipment, alongside some of San Antonio’s local professionals.
Some skills include:

Management (for production, and for life)
Team-working (learning what it means to truly be a part of team and the team's success) Editing and processing on Apple computers (Incredible Technology)
Camera Operating using Canon 6D DSLR and Canon XA30 cameras, Ursa Mini 4K Cameras
Production Audio using Sony and Rode Audio (A hands on camp)
Music programs used: Logic Pro X, Garage Band, Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 11
A The Curriculum Team Breakdown

We require a minimum of twenty students (minimum number to have crew positions to accomplish activities) per session. Our maximum capacity for the after school program is 80 students participating. The summer camp program can accommodate 120-160 students. Filmmakers will divide into teams to cover the basic groups of a film and music production.

Team 1 Production Management
​Executive Producer/Producer
Director of Photography
Art Director
Set Designer, Continuity, Casting
Team 2 Film & Lighting Crew
Camera Operator
Production Sound
Best Boy
Team 3 Special Effects, Art & Costume Department
Hair & Makeup
Team 4 Actors and Stunts
Main Actors
Supporting Roles
Stunt Choreography & Doubles
Team 5 Editorial / Audio / Visual Effects
​Editor (Software: Final Cut Pro 7 Suite, Adobe Premier CC 2014)
Visual Effects (Software: Blender and After Effects CC 2014)
Sound (Foley)/Music (Software: Pro Tools, Soundtrack Pro and Logic Pro X)
Graphic Design (Creatives: DVD Ondisc Cover, DVD Trapsheet (insert), Marquis Poster)​​
​​Young Filmmakers and Musicians will have the opportunity to explore the entire filmmaking and music recording process, including: Screenwriting and Storyboarding, Pre-Production, Acting Basics, Cinematography (Camera Operating), Lighting, Sound Recording and On Set Audio, Music Composition, Music Producing, Music Video Production, Songwriting, Special and Visual FX and Stunt Choreography. Our program provides them with the language and practice of filmmaking and music production on a professional level, skills and confidence to join the growing community of young filmmakers and musicians worldwide with the experience and guidance of our industry professionals and instructors. 

  • Hands-on experience with professional level camera, film, music and editing equipment.
  • Learn to edit their films and music with professional digital editing software and also learn about digital formats with regards to industry standards and other computer techniques.
  • Learn to take a story from initial idea, through treatment and step outline, to a storyboard and finished script for their final film.
  • Compose and develop the music for their movie: vocally and musically.
  • Then act in the production of their movie trailer and film. 
  • The Filmmakers and Musicians will also get an iMdb credit and movie DVD credit, Copy of the Movie DVD and a marquis poster.

The curriculum can be formatted to fit any school, church or youth group medium. We have 2 options that have been quite successful: THE KIDS SUMMER DAY CAMP and THE AFTER SCHOOL WEEKLY CLUB (Semester Session).  The kids get the opportunity to participate in every department of a true Feature Film Production Crew and Audio Music Production Crew.

Sessions are designed for 40 students. The tuition per child is $40 per week or $160 per month. Sessions are from 1-3 hours long. This gives our crew the manpower to officiate the myriad of tasks on our film and music set. We have three annual sessions that are available: fall semester, spring semester, and summer camps.

Elyon Media Academy, (A division of Elyon Media Group LLC) carries a liability insurance policy and certificate of insurance is available upon request.

Our semester based AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM produces two short films during the Sept–Dec and Jan–Apr semesters. A Feature Length Film is produced between Sept-Apr for those participants that sign up for the whole year.
Register your youth NOW! Inquire about group and family discounts! 

In all Elyon Media Academy Film Programs, each student writes, shoots, directs and edits his or her own films. Our film camps are designed for people with little or no experience in making films. The programs focus on the fundamental elements of visual storytelling that enable the participants to direct their own projects.

During these school film programs, each session is split between in-class instruction and on-set production, and the following subjects are taught to be of immediate and practical use in an integrated curriculum. In our longer film camps these subjects will be treated in greater detail and taken to a higher level than in the shorter programs. Each day, students apply the lessons learned directly to the films they are making. Students in longer programs make more films and, therefore, have more opportunities to develop their abilities and employ what they have learned.

Students will be introduced to the language and practice of filmmaking. They will discuss shooting plans for their film projects and screen their work with their instructor throughout the course. Directing is approached as the art of visual storytelling. Students will find that directing the camera concerns more than just where to place the camera. Through hands-on demonstrations, the students will learn how camera movement, visual arrangement, and editing patterns not only depict the action but also express the underlying drama. Each student directs a series of films in crews of four. Students also rotate in these crews among the principal film crew positions. Crews are required to meet each week with the directing instructor to review scripts and shooting plans.

Students will learn to take a story from initial idea, through treatment and step outline, to a finished script for their final film. Story structure, theme, character, tension, and conflict will be explored as they are used in filmmaking.


This is a no-nonsense camera class where students will learn to use the URSA MINI 4.6K, Canon 6D and Canon XA30 HD video cameras, depending on their choice of workshop. They will learn proper loading, operation, and maintenance of the camera. In the first week students will shoot and screen tests for focus, exposure, lens perspective, film latitude, slow/fast motion, and contrast. They will also learn about digital formats with regards to industry standards. Any students needing extra instruction are given review sessions as necessary.

Students will learn to edit their films with digital editing software (Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, After Effects CC). The class will cover both the technical aspects of the editing process, as well as the conventions and theory behind editing choices and styles.

In our experience, there is no always perfect way to make a movie. There are strategies that work well and a long list of things not to do, but every project demands an approach as unique as the people behind it. With this in mind, and an intensive time frame of just eight weeks, our curriculum will be focused on the creation of several "shorts," or five to ten minute movies. If your school or center chooses the program through 2 semesters a Feature length film will be produced (35 minute to 1 hour). 

We will begin by trading ideas, forming small groups, and drafting stories. As screenplays start to come together, we will hold introductory workshops to cover the basics of acting and video production, and then move right into shooting, where we'll teach more advanced techniques.

The shoots will be done in small teams, participants trading off roles as they direct, shoot, act, and do sound. We'll be right there guiding the process and lending creative insight, but letting participants realize their own vision from the writing to the shoot to the edit.

We'll screen the finished movies on the last week of the program. The movies will also be uploaded to the web and broadcast here on www.EMAFILMFEST.com! Then, the BIG EVENT, the movies produced throughout the program will be highlighted at the Annual EMA Film Festival.