Class Information
Elyon Media Academy furnishes all printed materials, applications, advertising posters and fliers, and billing invoices. We will provide all equipment needed for the classes.

Classes are offered during school or after school hours Monday through Thursday. We follow the NEISD calendar as far as vacation times i.e.: Christmas break, national holidays, and spring break.

There is one main performance per year, the Friday after Labor Day; it is the Elyon Media Academy Annual Film Festival. Your youth will be stars at this event. Audience Choice Awards are giving for the best Trailer and Short Film. Best Actor and Crew Awards are bestowed by the Academy. It is held in the central location. There is an additional cost of $12 per adult for the performance in September and $7 for children under seven years of age. However, actors and participants in the program are able to get in for free. The annual film Festival is a dress event. At the event you will be able to purchase the movies DVDs, posters, and other merchandise created from the program.

Elyon Media Group LLC is the billing company. Spring Semester Tuition is $400 one time payment or $175/mo per participant. Summer Film Program Tuition is $600 one time payment or $325/mo per participant. There is no additional registration fee. This be enables us to cover all of the initial materials, tshirt and booklets for your youth.

Credits/Missed Classes
Credits will be given if a class is missed due to vacation or extended illness. We do ask that we are given notice if a credit will be needed for vacation time.

Parents are given payment schedules and envelopes at the beginning of each month. Parents are also able to pay for a semester upfront. We ask that the monthly tuition and registration fee is paid in full by the first day of class along with the registration form. If a child joins a class midmonth we will prorate the appropriate amount and the credit will be given the following month.

Attire and Special Needs
Casual attire is accepted. We ask that if there are any other needs of your child that we be notified ahead of time. If your youth has a medical condition we will need to fill out the medical condition form and be aware of any needs in that regard.

We work closely with the directors of each school, maintaining open lines of communication to ensure smooth operations of the chosen program.

Troy LeBlanc